Our Story

About us

Duilleog Interiors is an Irish owned furniture, interiors and lifestyle store, specialising in fine furnishings and beautiful decor, located in the small town of Headford, just outside the hustle and bustle of Galway city.

Our Showroom

Every piece in the showroom is hand selected by a team of passionate, experienced, interior enthusiasts, and staged in individual settings to mimic corners of your home. The showroom is nestled within a busy builder’s providers store, on the first floor of Joyce’s Hardware & Home, allowing for a seamless and cohesive self-build or renovation journey. The haven is a testament to an unwavering passion for interiors and an infectious enthusiasm for

Our Mission

The Duilleog Interiors team want to empower a connection with the pieces you choose for your home, your sanctuary. The focus is always on choosing quality, staple, timeless pieces which can be easily renewed with accessories according to the change
of seasons of your life.

At the heart of Duilleog Interiors lies a commitment to transcending the boundaries of conventional retail. The Duilleog team strive to elevate
your experience, transforming it into an enriching journey of self-discovery
and inspiration.

Our Story

Duilleog Interiors, inspired by the Irish word for "leaf," reflects the spirit of nature's ever-turning cycle. Just as leaves symbolize the changing seasons, Duilleog Interiors embraces innovation while honouring its roots. In September 2023, the company embarked on a new journey through rebranding, signifying a fresh start after nearly four decades as a furniture store.