Our Story

Welcome to the online store of Duilleog Interiors!

Duilleog, meaning
leaf in Irish, symbolises growth and renewal, energy, seasons and environment.
You’ll find elements of nature throughout our store which represent Duilleog,
and serves as a reminder for all it stands for. Your home is your sanctuary,
your immediate environment, and we want to empower a connection with the pieces
you choose for it, working them harmoniously with the energy of each room. We
focus on choosing quality, staple pieces for your home which can be easily
renewed according to the change of seasons of your life.

Inspired by a childhood brimming with creativity and nurtured by
the values of integrity, honesty, compassion, and
perseverance, we established Duilleog Interiors in September 2023. This haven is a testament to our unwavering passion
for interiors and our infectious enthusiasm for retail. From our earliest
days, we were encouraged to embrace drawing, designing, and
dreaming, fostering a boundless sense of imagination that continues to
shape our approach to design. Our family business, Joyce's Hardware
& Home, served as a grounding force, instilling in us the
principles that underpin our endeavours. 

At the heart of Duilleog Interiors lies a commitment to
transcending the boundaries of conventional retail. We strive to elevate
your experience, transforming it into an enriching journey of
self-discovery and inspiration.

Dearbhaile's pursuit of creativity led her to Limerick College of
Art and Design, where she delved into the world of fashion
design. This immersion deepened her appreciation for
textiles, textures, colors, and the exquisite nuances of

Sinead, fueled by her extensive travels and a boundless
belief in the power of dreams, serves as a guiding force, encouraging
our team to push the boundaries of design and innovation.

We are just one small part of an incredible team, and a special thank you to Angela and Jack who bring a world of experience, kindness and dedication to our family.

Step into Duilleog Interiors, where creativity and passion
converge to transform your home into a haven of comfort, style, and
individuality. We invite you to embark on a journey of
discovery, where every piece whispers tales of imagination and inspires a
world of possibilities.

We look forward to welcoming you in store some day soon.

Dearbhaile & Sinead